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Energy Drink Review: Angel

Filed in: Energy Drinks.

[Angel Energy]Made by the same people who make Demon Energy, of course. The chief difference between this and Demon, other than the gold and white Imperial Dalek packaging, seems to be that it's sugar free. They haven't got the Angel Energy website up and running yet, but I'm presuming it won't have pictures of naked men hanging by their penises.


Mental scarring! Aieeeeeeee!

For reasons which are currently beyond me, Googlebot has started requesting search result pages from the MT search script I have installed here. Some 500 or so of them yesterday. I have no links to search pages, and many of them appear to be for banal words like "since" and "though", I can only assume that some spam page somewhere has linked to them. Seems odd that it's only Googlebot. I stuck a disallow for it in my robots.txt, though I'm hoping the URLs might still pop up in Google Webmaster Tools so I can see why Googlebot's been hitting them.

Posted March 9, 2008 6:39 PM

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