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"The Evil that is Doctor Who"

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Dr Who Tardis on sale on eBay

"A TROWBRIDGE Christian who renounced the evil of Dr Who in favour of his religion is selling his collection on internet auction website eBay."

Posted March 26, 2008 9:07 AM


This is, of course, ridiculous. Any Christian who is parting company with something he now believes to be evil should *not* be selling it but destroying it. It's not OK for him, but it is OK for him to lead someone astray with it? I think not.

Posted by: ringbark | March 26, 2008 12:19 PM

So...this guy is denouncing a work of fiction because it's evil - in favour of *another* work of fiction that has caused millions of deaths, committed frightful acts of persecution against non believers, women, Jews, Muslims and homosexuals, started (or used as an excuse to start) countless wars, and severely held back progress in philosophy and science for centuries? Er, I think this idiot has got the wrong idea of what constitutes evil, frankly.

Posted by: Jeff Stone | March 26, 2008 6:50 PM

Perish the thought that it wasn't anything inherent in Doctor Who that caused his collecting behaviour / alcoholism / alleged bipolar disorder, but something in his own personality? All I can think of is that somewhere, Gary Gygax has got to be laughing in his grave at Mainstream Entertainment getting the sort of weird news stories that Dungeons and Dragons did back in the day.

Posted by: Dave | March 26, 2008 7:27 PM

Dave said it perfectly. Gygax's demise passed more or less unnoticed, and I wonder if it's because he was known by Church wackoes as the creator of a 'Satanic' game that lured kids into the occult. My take is this - even if that was Gygax's plan, which it wasn't, does it matter? Magic, black or otherwise, doesn't work! :)

What I think has taken place here with this ex-drunkard fruitloop is that his mind control officer, also known as his church support group person, has told him DW is evil because it defames Christ. The 'ascension scene' in Voyage, for example. There are other moments where the show has, with the typical Davies lack of subtlety, ribbed religion. Oh, and another point of contention would have to be that both DW and Torchwood don't have the 'correct' attitude towards gay folks, what with them being depicted as normal people who aren't slavering sexual deviants. Well, OK, Jack can't go for one episode without mentioning sex, but he's a bit of a git. :) And a homosexual is in charge of the show! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Posted by: Jeff Stone | March 27, 2008 4:14 PM

One hopes for his own belief system that Gygax isn't currently laughing in a grave somewhere on this earth. He became a Christian late in life.

Posted by: Peter A | March 29, 2008 9:12 PM

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