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Random Sunrise Photo!

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Clouds at sunrise

Good morning, April (I meant to post this yesterday, when it would have been 25% closer to the start of the month, but oh well...) got a record 5072 distinct visitors last month, mostly due to the fact that my Transformers Slash post featured on Stumble Upon and got some 800 hits as a result...

Also, I noticed last night that the NZDWFC general message board passed 10,000 posts back in February.

A few search terms from last month:
- star trek voyager cartoon porn com
- john barrowman overexposure [Defabricator, huh? What does that do?]
- if and when is jason donovan taking the part of dr who? [WHAT?!]
- could an android pilot a spacecraft to another star system

Posted April 4, 2008 7:23 PM

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