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Where's the comment spam gone?

Filed in: Spam.

It occurred to me that I'm not seeing much comment spam here recently. In fact, they don't even appear to be trying any more. The last spam which SpamLookup caught was on the 25th of March. Maybe they got discouraged by my security measures. Maybe I'm not writing about stuff which spammers typically look for. Maybe I'm not posting enough.

Or maybe spammers are moving on to hacking sites and inserting links that way. Most of the bad hits I've been getting lately are from people trying to hack my site using PHP exploits. Of course, I don't use any PHP applications here, so they get a nice error in response. Judging by the URLs they hit, they found this site by searching for sites which mention PHP. On the bright side, so long as they're making futile attempts to hack my site, they have less bandwidth to use on trying to hack less secure sites.

So is comment spam on the decrease, or am I just lucky? It'll be interesting to see if blogging about it causes an increase in attempts...

Posted April 30, 2008 10:32 PM


Where has all the comment spam gone? Long time passing....

Posted by: Rock and roll Martian | May 4, 2008 8:48 PM

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