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Doctor Who Series 4 (Part 3)

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Since Doctor Who Series 4 Parte II, the news broke that Steven Moffat is replacing Russell T. as series producer as of the start of series 5. I swear the cheering woke me up that morning. As usual, spoilers ahead!

The Unicorn and the Wasp (Obligatory historical figure episode)

And that's when I realised that they'd pulled one over on me, and moved the obligatory historical figure episode to later in the series. Russell T Davies, you devil! You can't mess with the formula now!

This is a very silly episode, and I'm not going to review it. Oh, all right, I am. This episode is some 8 parts comedy, and 2 parts costume drama, and it did actually break my suspension of disbelief at several points. It's annoying when that happens, as I end up realising that I'm watching a bunch of British people making a TV show. The running gag of name-checking Christie novels was lost on me, as I haven't so much as picked one up in my life. The weakest episode so far. [4/10]

Battle of the RTD seasons: (by annoyance level of running gag)
Tooth and Claw
The Shakespeare Code
The Unquiet Dead
The Unicorn and the Wasp

Obligatory week's break for the Eurovision song contest

Don't ya just hate that? [0/10]!

Silence in the Library (Obligatory AWESOME late-season two-parter)

So, Steven Moffat had a lot to prove with this one, given he's now going to be producer, and I think he delivered. Although I must say a few aspects of the production were a bit of a let-down... primarily the fact that the skeletons in space suits looked a bit too much like people in space suits wearing masks. Which is what they were, granted, but it would have been nice to make them a little less naff. That was one of the very few nitpicks I can come up with though. Overall, a great story. [10/10]!

Battle of the RTD seasons: (In order of AWESOME)
The Empty Child - Silence in the Library - Human Nature - The Impossible Planet

If I had to pick a favourite one, it'd be The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, but I'm feeling generous, so 4 points all round!

BTW, another revelation to come out of Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead is that the sixth Doctor and Peri were actually married. Since it's heavily implied that River knowing the Doctor's real name was proof the pair were married, and the Doctor almost casually mentions his real name in The Mysterious Planet, presumably Peri already knew it, implying he and Peri were husband and wife. This may, in fact, happen more often than we realise.

Also the bit where River Song whispers the Doctor's real name in his ear caused an explosion of web searches and a flurry of hits on the NZDWFC site from people trying to find out "Doctor Who's real name" (it's Frank).

Battle of the seasons roundup!

  • Series 3: 23 points
  • Series 2: 20 points
  • Series 4: 16 points
  • Series 1: 15 points

Next time, the obligatory episode David Tennant didn't have time to turn up for!

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Posted June 11, 2008 8:09 PM

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