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The Incredible Hulk

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This would have been a Friday night movie, but no one seems to be playing it at convenient times for me to go see it after work, so I had to go and see it today instead. My life is so hard.


The Incredible Hulk starts out with a recap of how Bruce Banner became gamma enhanced (though not the caught-in-a-nuclear-blast comics version) and picks up with Bruce hanging out in Brazil, trying to keep from getting angry, and searching for a cure. Of course, it's not long before he's detected by General Ross' forces, and the hunt is on!

The movie owes quite a lot to the TV series, with the end theme from there even playing as incidental music at one point, and, as many people have said, is a distinct improvement on the 2003 movie. While it's no Iron Man (though there are refences to that movie, and the WWII super soldier program, obviously dropping hints to the eventual Avengers movie) it's still good fun.

Shout-outs to Ed Norton and William Hurt, who were both excellent. Tim Roth was all right, but his Russian accent needs work. Any work.

Also amusing was Sterns musing that if they were off by "the smallest integer" the results could be disasterous. So... off by 1 then? Maybe he meant "the smallest real number". Or by "a single digit".

By the way, are all Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel movies supposed to be the same character, or does the Marvel universe just have a lot of Stan Lee clones in it? (Although he was playing Hugh Hefner in Iron Man, wasn't he? :)

Posted June 28, 2008 8:25 PM

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