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2008 election results

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So, perhaps spurred by the massive change in American politics, New Zealand has also swung massively, though in this case it swung from left to right.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark: Gone!
Finance minister Michael Cullen (no relation): Gone!
Mischief-maker Winston Peters: Gone!

In the latter case, Winston's party, NZ First, didn't reach the 5% vote threshold or win any seats, so they got no MPs in, unlike ACT, United Future, The Jim Anderton Party, and the Maori Party, who all got fewer party votes but won electorate votes. You can see the complete party votes and MP tally on TV3's Decision '08 site.

Much as I don't like Winston and was actually quite pleased he didn't get in, it somehow seems unfair that NZ First's party vote should theoretically have gotten them 5 MPs in parliament but didn't due to the 5% threshold. I can't argue with the results though.

Though politics may be a bit more boring for the next three years, I hope this allows the government to actually get something done, rather than messing about trying to keep Winston in line.

Posted November 9, 2008 6:07 PM


A blog I read the other day gave a projection of the election result if the 5% threshold was not in place re: party votes. Under that scheme, Winston First would have picked up 5 or 6 seats. This is based on the raw percentage results for a total of, of course, 100% of the seats. Funnily enough, without the threshold, National and Labour and their respective midget party allies would be deadlocked. And the tie-breaker? Of all people, the Bill & Ben Party...a JOKE party, like the Monster Raving Loonies, or the McGillicuddy Serious people. The B&Bs would have picked up one seat without the 5% party vote cutoff, and with that seat would have decided the new government!! I have often said democracy (in the form that we are sold by our masters) is little more than a bad joke, and there's some proof.

As a last note, I am grimly amused that in a time when a liberal left movement is taking over the White House, and neo-conservativism (or, as it was called in the 1930s, Fascism) is dying out, we Kiwis are going right of centre. God Defend NZ? God *help* NZ. The nightmare has begun.....

Posted by: Jeff Stone | November 12, 2008 4:22 PM

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