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Limited Editions

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I was out shopping yesterday and noticed that there's a new release of Mike Oldfield's last album (Music of the Spheres) out - a limited edition with a second disc. Balls. Or spheres, as the case may be. I already bought the single-disc version, so I doubt I'll get the two-disc version. It is, you know, kinda annoying when they do that without warning. Usually a limited edition will be released at the same time as the vanilla version (and if it had in this case, I almost certainly would have bought the two-disc version).

OTOH, from reading the case, the extra disc is actually a live performance, so perhaps I'll wait and see if a DVD of the live event is released. In the case of concerts, I much prefer to have a visual as well as an audio record anyway...

I've noticed that releasing two-disc versions of albums seems to be on the increase recently. Alanis Morissette's Flavors of Entanglement and Enigma's Seven Lives, Many Faces both spring to mind, and of course Mike's previous album was a two-discer. Perhaps I should have been anticipating this happening after all.

Posted December 3, 2008 8:05 PM


Yes, you should have. I keep telling ya, man...wait for the inevitable wanky two-disc edition. This was advice not heeded by my parents, who bought Coldplay's new CD the day it came out only for a bloody better version to emerge now. My greatest shock in this situation is that you didn't say 'To hell with it', buy the two-discer *immediately* and give me the crap version. Oldfield has TEH SKILLZ.

Mind you, I committed the one-disc error with the Moby Best Of CD, didn't I, and ended up buying you the better edition as well! Maybe those people who say I'm crazy and childish are right. No; on deeper reflection, they're not.

Posted by: Jeff Stone | December 4, 2008 10:54 PM

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