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Doctor Who, Series 5, episodes 8-10

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This series is, so far, the best the new show's managed. That said, the latest three episodes have been variable...

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
A bit of a by-the-numbers story, which for the most part wouldn't have been out of place in the RTD era. It's even got a running gag ("I dressed for Rio!") that crops up at the most inappropriate times. It was entirely predictable that Alaya would be killed by one of the humans, and that it would drive an irreparable wedge between the humans and Silurians. That said, the rest of the production was spectacular as usual, though the ending was a bit of a shock.

Vincent and the Doctor
Apparently the original script didn't have the invisible chicken in it, and I'm curious to see how it would have gone without the obligatory alien. Tony Curran is brilliant as Vincent Van Gogh, and his madness seems to be written as a bipolar disorder. Though it perhaps became a little too cloying by the end, otherwise a great episode!

Zeus Blog has also been reviewing the series (with a lot more thought and detail)!

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Posted June 12, 2010 1:14 PM

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