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October 3, 2007

Crossover: Doctor Who meets Star Trek meets Transformers?

Spotted on
JAG Animation: meet Chronobot, Saucer, and Stardrive
Chronobot costume

Regarding the Saucer design on the second page, I'm not entirely sure they've accounted for the entire bulk of the saucer section of the Enterprise-D in that design. Larger scans of the artwork would be nice...

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September 30, 2007

Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Via blinovitch it's... Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day! Mark your calendar - December 8th!

I would be from the Global Warming future, and be wearing water-wings and a flutterboard strapped to my back. Constantly falling over because I never learned to walk, and periodically splashing myself with water to keep my skin moist. Fake gills also a possibility. Yes.

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July 12, 2007

Doctor Who and Religion

I'm going to slack off tonight and link to one of Allyn's posts on a dissertation on the "Theology of Doctor Who.". This goes into quite a bit more depth than The Bible According to Doctor Who which appeared in TSV 33 and also covers the new series (though unfortunately not series 3, which has some religious themes most notably in the last three-parter...)

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July 10, 2007

Latest Doctor Who Casting

The latest casting announcement from the Doctor Who production team has a lot of fandom in an uproar, with many of them comparing the casting to that of Bonnie Langford some 20 years ago with Lawrence Miles taking this to extremes.

OTOH gordon_r_d's cartoon on this matter is full of win.

I'm not going to mention who's been cast at this point, as it may be regarded as a spoiler, but for the score I think this is a great casting decision. Also, I like Bonnie Langford but you probably knew that already.

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June 19, 2007

Midi to Wav conversion

You know, I swear back in the early days of the internet if you wanted something like, oh, a program to convert a midi file into a wav file, you could just go look on your favourite FTP site and download a tiny DOS program which would do it. Does anyone else remember those days? Now it seems like all the programs on offer for doing this require you to fork out $25. WTF?

I wanted to convert a midi file to a wav file, so I took the following steps:

  1. Downloaded one of the many shareware midi2wav converters.
  2. Ran the installer.
  3. Ran up the software.
  4. Discovered that pressing ENTER in the software would quit out of it without prompting "Are you sure you want to quit?"
  5. Restarted the software, attempted the conversion, got a cryptic error.
  6. Figuring the previous attempt had locked some audio drivers, rebooted the PC.
  7. Reran the program - discovered that the cryptic error actually meant the target directory I'd specified didn't exist. Converted the file.
  8. Played the resulting output file, to discover that the shareware software had produced a 1 minute long, completely silent wav file.
  9. Uninstalled the software.

Is this is how software works these days? You download it, install it, and hope it works and doesn't deposit any spyware on your PC? Man.

I got the midi file converted in the end, thanks to a page which gave instructions on converting midi files to wav files using Winamp.

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June 13, 2007

Webcomic: Jesus versus Doctor Who

Jesus versus Doctor Who

And, lo, the people rejoiced, and the Doctor said unto them "Fantastic!"

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May 13, 2007

Free/Jail Paris Hilton

The Free Paris Hilton petition currently has 24,981 signatures.

The Jail Paris Hilton petition currently has... 58,500 signatures.

No further commentary needed. :)

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April 5, 2007

NSFW Doctor Who artwork

There's a community on LiveJournal for everything, including one for Doctor Who companion Perpugilliam Brown. The Peri community is blessed with a talented artist named Paul Mudie, who recently posted this picture:
Peri, dressed as a dominatrix

I probably don't need to mention that's not safe for work. Oh boy.

He also has a deviantART gallery containing some other quite spectacular artwork.

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March 28, 2007

Lil Formers

Because I refuse to grow up and therefore still like Transformers, stumbling on this webcomic filled my heart with joy:

Lil Formers
Because giant robots are inherently funny! Don't believe me? How about after seeing the morning after? Or perhaps now? (poor poor Megatron) Though this public service announcement is my favourite so far....

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March 4, 2007

Link Dump

One of my many comment spammers keeps sending spams that I should share some of my bookmarks, so here's a few of the sites I've been visiting recently:

Steampunk Star Wars
Actually I nicked this link off Boing Boing last night. It is very cool though.
DM of the Rings
Jamas and Peter (who doesn't have a blog) mentioned this in the pub one night, and I googled it when I got home. A very funny comic imagining Lord of the Rings if it were being played by D&D gamers. This installment has been one of my favourite so far, but do start reading from the beginning.
The Transformers Wiki
Which I end up spending hours reading every time Dave Willis at Shortpacked! links to it. I'm so sad.
Bowmaster Prelude
Pictured left, a shockwave flash game in which you defend your castle against hordes of oncoming enemy fighters. Which I appear to have just broken. Ooops. Warning: playing this game warps the space/time continuum. You will find after you've been playing for what seems like half an hour, three days have past!

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January 31, 2007

Animated Doctor Who

From Geoff Wessel via the Rustyverse: CBC's archive of character designs for the never made animated Doctor Who series.

Alas, it's got funky Javascript navigation, so I can't link to particular pictures, but there's some interesting image of a TARDIS interior with a very techno-organic console, a hover-converted Bessie, and what appears to be a Cyber-converted supermodel.

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January 14, 2006

The Night of a Thousand Batgirls

A couple of LiveJournalers drew and posted picture of Batgirl, which lead to other artists on their friends lists drawing and posting pictures of Batgirl, which lead to over 200300 pieces of artwork of Batgirl, all in different styles. The Internets is awesome! :)

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November 29, 2005

Dalek porn!!

From The Sun: Sexterminate (NWS)

BEEB bosses have gone ballistic after discovering the Daleks are starring in a PORN FLICK ... Estate director Tim Hancock said: “The reason the Daleks are still the most sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like porn.

Hancock's forgetting the infamous shoot with Katy Manning posing naked with the Dalek, obviously

See also: The Register: BBC pulls plug on Dalek lesbian romp flick and the trailer! Also NWS.

I suspect that the Dalek voices used are soundbytes from the original series. The grey Dalek looks pretty authentic. There's a company which makes them at something like £4000 a go, which probably wouldn't be out of the price range... The red Dalek, however, looks sadly misproportioned.

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August 18, 2005

National's political advert

The NZ National Party's latest political advert is very amusing and looks like it was done using Shockwave Flash. Most entertaining NZ political ad in recent time.

I'm still not voting for them though. :)

Doctor Who: The Long Game is on TV at the moment - it's actually better than I remember!

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