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August 8, 2005


Lately I've been playing Popcap's latest game, Chuzzle. Chuzzle is not dissimilar to Bejeweled, in that you have to match up groups of critters of the same colour to eliminate them from the board. Rather than merely swapping adjacent critters, you move whole rows or columns to match them up.

Insidiously, once you get to higher levels the game begins to demand you make combos, else it starts putting locks on the critters to prevent you from moving a particular row and column.

WARNING: highly addictive game! Also, you will experience the disappearance of time. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.

As an additional side effect, I've found that after playing this game that the Windows GUI looks extremely square.

Edit: several people have asked what a "Bad Move" is. I believe this is when there was another move you could have made which would have eliminated more critters. I haven't played Chuzzle in a while now though...

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March 29, 2005

OMG, Pet Pillows?!

Boing Boing: Pet pillows

Pet died? Make it into a pillow!

*eyes the cat*

Edit: the link on BoingBoing is dead, and I can't find anythign about the pet pillows on the site it links to... I suspect it was either a hoax, or they got complaints...

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February 17, 2005

Google Zeitgeist for New Zealand

I see at long last Google has a Zeitgeist up for New Zealand. Possibly unsurprisingly, the top query is for a well known NZ auction site.

It's... not detailed, but it's something. :)

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February 16, 2005

Quote of the day

From JWZ:

"How will this software get my users laid" should be on the minds of anyone writing social software.

Also, Bruce Simpson tells us about the latest copy protection move from the movie industry and how it's likely to be as effective as the copy protection on CDs. Joy! (See also the BBC news story covering this)

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January 28, 2005

Star Trek and alcohol

Modern Drunkard Magazine presents this item on alcohol in Star Trek, particularly the original series, but also TNG...

Wesley: So you mean I'm drunk! I feel strange, but also good.
Picard: (huffily putting aside his knitting) Because you have lost the capacity for self-judgment. Alcohol does this, Wesley!

Kirk would have challenged the upstart whelp to a Romulan Ale drinking contest, then hooked him up with an Orion slave girl.

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January 11, 2005

Stargate SG-1

Nostalgia presents the best Stargate SG-1 StickFic ever!

*drums fingers while he waits for his PC to return*

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December 27, 2004

Couple of random blog links

Winter/Christmas themed entries I found while surfin' about on BE:

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December 24, 2004

Trek site

Jeff pointed me to Ex Astris Scientia, a formidable Star Trek site. I spent hours reading the "Inconsistencies" section, which has some interesting discussions on TOS versus new-style Klingons, various scientific problems, etc, etc.

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December 13, 2004

Kicking a man when he's down

Bruce Simpson writes on making electronics less attractive, having been burgled on the weekend and most of his stuff taken. Bruce was previously bankrupted by the NZ government after he designed and built a do-it-yourself cruise missile.

As he points out, even passwords on PCs can be circumvented. I suspect any such measure on electronics such as DVD players is going to have similar problems... Besides which, you'd end up with hundreds of people locked out after a power cut because they can't remember the pass code for their microwave, all calling technical support. :)

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December 10, 2004

Monkeys and Typewriters

Weekly World News: Monkeys Type Shakespeare Play

Ripshaw assembled 5,000 monkeys and an equal number of typewriters. The monkeys were rewarded with bananas every time they filled up a page with letters.

"Ninety-nine percent of it was nonsense," Ripshaw says. "But one of the monkeys put up a blog on the Internet, and it has a big following."


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November 27, 2004

Get Fuzzy

Today's Get Fuzzy. Egads, I say. That's a wee bit disturbing...

Edit: I didn't mean to end up ranking so high for Get Fuzzy on Google. My apologies to anyone who landed here expecting something deep and meaningful about the comic and found instead a (now) dead link and two pathetic sentences of comment.

The comic, which is no longer there because take them down after a couple of weeks, was during a period when Darby was suffering from an injured arm. ISTR it looked like Bucky was doing something obscene to Satchel.

I guess this is more proof Google is broken.

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November 17, 2004

Cutesy SWF pets R Us

Adoption Centre

This makes me wish I had the software to make SWF files, so I could make a pet Dalek.

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October 29, 2004


Have you committed a thought crime today, citizen?

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October 24, 2004

Slap the Candidate!

Best use of Flash EVAR!

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October 23, 2004

Link o' the Day: Encyclopedia Obscura

Until about half an hour ago, I had completely forgotten that R2D2 and C3PO once appeared on Sesame Street many years ago. I fully remembered the episode of the Muppets where Luke and co turn up, of course, but the Sesame Street episode had completely slipped my mind for the last 20 or so years since I saw it.

But that's why Encyclopedia Obscura exists - to remind us that there are weird and wonderful corners of life which shouldn't be forgotten. Like stupid tie-in products.

It's cool, go browse.

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