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September 20, 2005

Fox Movies' Rudeness

I got the Alien vs Predator Extreme Edition DVD for my birthday. The first thing that happened when I popped it in to my DVD player was it played an anti-piracy advert at me. You may know the one: "You wouldn't steal a handbag... You wouldn't steal a car... You wouldn't steal candy from a baby..." Though given the apparent intelligence displayed by whoever came up with this idea, I think the last one is an accurate comparison.

Come on! If someone's just forked out $40 to buy their crummy DVD, it should be obvious that they're not actively engaged in downloading movies from the Internet. I shouldn't need reminding that the MPAA is desperately broke and losing money hand over fist from people downloading movies en-mass... oh, wait, they aren't.

That said, pressing 'chapter forward' skipped to the FBI warning. HA! Take that, grossly misleading MPAA propaganda!

Y'know, I saw self-same ad recently as well. I went to look at the trailers on another DVD, and (rather than launching into the first trailer) the DVD started playing the self same advert at me. I ejected the disk and didn't bother watching the trailers. HA!

Today's rant brought to you by Fox Movies. Cheers, guys! I didn't think I'd have anything to write about today.

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August 29, 2005

Previous Entry followups

  • MT 3.2 seems to have solved my problem with new entries showing entry #1 as the next link.
  • Since the R4 run of Justice League: Starcrossed was frelled, I ordered the R1 version from Amazon - this turned out to be in the original movie format and have both widescreen and full screen versions. Much better than the R4 Justice League DVDs.
  • As a side note to the whole Hotel experience, I saw the other week that Geri Halliwell's latest album has come out here, but I didn't buy it, because it had the same copy protection on it. Sorry, but I'm not paying $30 for a CD which may or may not work.
  • Yahoo fixed the login issues with Yahoo mail not long after I complained about it. Both Briefcase issues are still there.
  • LiveJournal still doesn't have trackback support, 8 months later.

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August 13, 2005

Currently watching...

The War of the Worlds

Sadly not the recent Spielburg/Cruise version, which is quite fab, but the Timothy Hines Pendragon version. To say this is an awful film is an understatement.

One scene near the start of the film has the main character stargazing with his wife, during what appears to be mid-day, with a starry sky laid in during post production. The design of the Martian tripods is fine, but subject to the worst CGI animation I've seen - they move so rapidly they look like they're at most a foot tall and actually looks at points like they've used bad stop motion. At one point a tripod crushes a woman beneath its foot, a sequence which would have been horrific had it not been so badly done. At times, it looks more like a computer game than a movie.

The picture is also highly colourful. Much use is made of coloured filters, and often the picture is so saturated it's almost painful to look at. A lot of the dialogue appears to have been layed on later, with completely inappropriate accoustics.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it makes Ed Wood look like Orson Welles, but it is dreadfully bad.

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June 22, 2005

Then and Now

[picture of Voyager]

Above: The starship Voyager (from the episode Timeless) takes a short-cut through the space/time continuum.
Below: The TARDIS (from the Doctor Who title sequence) activates its Quantum Slipstream drive.

[picture of the TARDIS]

Tee hee hee! (Couple more pictures under the cut, the one from Doctor Who may be mildly spoilerly...)

Continue reading "Then and Now"

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June 19, 2005

Justice League: Starcrossed DVD is Frelled

I bought the region 4 DVD of the Justice League episodes Starcrossed. Unfortunately episode 3 has the English soundtrack for episode 2 - the French and Hungarian soundtracks for that episode are correct. That doesn't help me much, as I don't speak French or Hungarian.

I attempted some web searches to see if anyone else had reported the problem yet, but can't find anything.

I'll try to find out who the Warner distributor is in NZ/Australia and see if I can get any information on whether this is a problem with all of the copies, and if so whether they're going to fix it. If not, I'll have to attempt to return it to Whitcoulls tomorrow (they're shut now...)

Ain't that just a bummer?

Edit: Warner's contact page is unhelpful. No email address - what is this? The 80s?

Edit2: I returned it to Whitcoulls. Unfortunately they didn't have another copy in stock, so I got my money back instead. Whitcoulls = Cool. I may try the Lower Hutt branch and see if they have a copy without the sound problem...

Edit3: Yup, looks like the whole printing is bad (see comments)

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June 7, 2005

The Tomorrow People and Dodgy Special Effects

Occasionally you come across TV series which are of highly variable quality. Take the classic 1970s British series The Tomorrow People, about a group of youngsters who have developed such psychic powers as telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation (Though sadly not precognition, otherwise they could regularly save themselves a lot of hassle).

I thought I was safe, you see. I'd already seen A Man For Emily, which has to be the most insanely bad episode of any science fiction series ever, and the first two stories of season 6 were actually quite good, but then...

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February 18, 2005

Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeme makeover!

Warner appears to have decided to make Looney Tunes more like Batman Beyond. Their new series has Buzz Bunny and his pals nipping around in the future. Sadly I had to fire up IE to play the video because MSN are a bunch of MS fascistsinsisted I had to use it.

I want to see an updated Tweety. He could be called the Tweetenator and carry a big-ass gun three times his size. Also upgraded Granny would be cool. FRYING PAN ATTACK!!! Or Matrix-style Yosemite Sam with a machine gun in each hand.

I wonder if they'll come up with Pinky and the Brain's descendants as futuristic supervillians.

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February 14, 2005


Recently I've been watching Survivors, a 1970s British series created by Terry Nation. The premise is that 99% of humanity has been wiped out overnight by a biological weapon accidentally released. It follows a band of survivors as they struggle to become self-sufficent in a world where even the most basic of services no longer exist. It's very well written and realistic, and also very grim at times.

I also got to see Grave of the Fireflies, an anime film set in Japan during World War II. It made me realise that, unlike the war in Europe, I know very little about the US/Japan part of the war apart from Pearl Harbour and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I must see if I can find more information.

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February 9, 2005

Survivor: Guantanamo Bay

It had to happen. Guantanamo Bay, the reality series.

How much lower can reality TV sink?

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January 28, 2005

Star Trek and alcohol

Modern Drunkard Magazine presents this item on alcohol in Star Trek, particularly the original series, but also TNG...

Wesley: So you mean I'm drunk! I feel strange, but also good.
Picard: (huffily putting aside his knitting) Because you have lost the capacity for self-judgment. Alcohol does this, Wesley!

Kirk would have challenged the upstart whelp to a Romulan Ale drinking contest, then hooked him up with an Orion slave girl.

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January 15, 2005

Star Trek Overload

I've been working my way through the DVDs of the original series of Star Trek. The problem with this is after watching several episodes in a row, I read web pages and they sound like William Shatner in my head. This makes the process of reading them slower because he kepts pausing all the damn time. Maybe if I concentrate I can get Leonard Nimoy reading them instead.

I have the same problem when I watch too much Farscape, only then it's usually Ben Browder. Or when I listen to Doctor Who audios and everyone on IRC starts sounding like Paul McGann. It's distracting!

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January 13, 2005

The Latest in Trek Fashion

Actress Nancy Kovak models the Muppet-skin bra. Available in bright orange, bright red, bright blue, and bright yellow, the Muppet-skin bra is snug and warm in winter. It can also be worn as outer-wear! The only drawback is that it makes it look like you have Elmo clinging to your chest.

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January 5, 2005

Star Trek

I've been watching a lot of Star Trek (the original series) recently. Once you know James Doohan is intentionally keeping his right hand out of shot so you can't see (or rather fail to see) his missing finger, it becomes intensely distracting. My eyes are drawn to following his right wrist around just trying to catch a glimpse of his hand.

Or maybe I'm just weird.

I'm currently partway through season 2. Great series, but then I haven't yet watched such clankers as Spock's Brain or And the Children Shall Lead yet...

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December 31, 2004

The Incredibles

I went to see The Incredibles yesterday. Pixar's story of a family of superheros forced into living "normal" lives by the government is (typically for Pixar) full of quirky humour and should be appreciated by young and old.

The showing I went to was more or less full, most of the audience being children. The small child on a tricycle who pops up a few times during the movie proved popular with them...

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December 27, 2004


I realised today that I'd completely forgotten to watch the Firefly premiere last Tuesday. Having enjoyed Buffy and Angel, I was interested to see what Joss Weadon would do for a space series. Fortunately my dad, who also likes Science Fiction, still had it on tape.

In case you didn't get the parallels, all the incidental music appears to have been ripped from a Western, as well as the clothing and the look of much of the worlds they land on. Would probably appeal to fans of Cowboy Beebop. It also reminded me a lot of the group from Alien: Resurrection, which Joss wrote... I took an instant liking to most of the characters, and it's good to see Gina Torres in something again. :)

Shame we're getting to see it two years late, but better late than never...

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