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Paged Categories Plugin

What is it?

A plugin for the popular blogging software Movable Type. It was developed for MT 3.3, should work on 3.2, but won't work on any versions prior to that.

Movable Type category pages typically hold every entry in the category. For blogs with a lot of posts, the category pages can become very large indeed. This plugin, when installed and set up, will split the category pages into a number of smaller pages.

Although there are a few dynamic paging options for categories, this is, as far as I know, the first plugin to provide a static paging option. Because this creates static files, the system doesn't have to use resources in regenerating the pages every time they are viewed.

This plugin has been superceeded by Paged Archives.

Converting from Paged Categories to Paged Archives

  1. Remove the file.
  2. Install Paged Archives.
  3. Change existing MTPC tags in your category templates to MTPA format.
  4. Done! Site Map