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October 31, 2006

Psst, Xtra, your broadband SUCKS!

Filed in: Misc.

A couple of days ago, Xtra finally introduced uncapped broadband in New Zealand. Like a fool, I thought this would mean a better connection, but since switching I've had speeds only slightly better than dial up, and my connection keeps going dead for minutes at a time.

This sucks hard.

Empirical evidence

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October 28, 2006

The first album I ever owned

Filed in: Music.

[The Hottest Summer on Cassette!]

So, back in the mid 80s when I was a young lad, and I realise I'm dating myself here1, my parents gave me a tape deck for Christmas, and an aunt gave me a compilation tape called "The Hottest Summer On Cassette"2. I played it many many times, which probably goes some way toward explaining why I like 80s music so much3.

Surprisingly it has no copyright date on it4, but I would guess by the songs on it that it came out around '86 or '87. I've never seen a CD version, so I guess CBS Records Limited never released one.

Since I'm wallowing in nostalgia at the moment, here's the track listings:

Side 1

  1. Dr & the Medics, Spirit in the Sky
  2. Wa Wa Nee5, Stimulation
  3. Spandau Ballet, Fight for Ourselves
  4. Pet Shop Boys, Suburbia
  5. Belinda Carlisle, Mad About You
  6. Berlin, Take my Breath Away
  7. Grace Jones, I'm Not Perfect
  8. Miami Sound Machine, Words Get in the Way

Side 2

  1. Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone
  2. Duran Duran, Notorious
  3. Owen Paul6, My Favourite Waste of Time
  4. Billy Joel, A Matter of Trust
  5. Cyndi Lauper, True Colors
  6. Don Johnson, Heartbeat
  7. Glass Tiger, Don't Forget Me
  8. Queen, A Kind of Magic

So when anyone asks what warped my mind, I can truthfully reply "The 80s"!

  1. File under "You know you're getting old when..."
  2. Worst music-related pun ever.
  3. My poor mind!
  4. in fact the copyright symbol doesn't appear anywhere on it. Ah, those were the days!
  5. They were big in Australia at the time, apparently.
  6. Who?! *google* oh.

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October 27, 2006

Paged Archives v1.22

Filed in: Movable Type.

And, in short order, another bug fix to a bug (caused by the previous bugfix), which Chris at Digital Voodoo reported. It appears I overdid the slash removal and ended up with one missing! It should be fixed now...

Actual real entry to come.

P.S. Dear Boing Boing, please quit editing the Borat entry. Every time I open up Bloglines, I'm hit with an eyeful of Borat in that insanely small swim suit. MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!

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October 25, 2006

Paged Archives v1.21

Filed in: Movable Type.

Minor bugfix to Paged Archives - there was a minor bug which on some configurations would cause page links to be constructed with double-slashes after the domain. A thank you goes out to Brendon Krueger who not only reported the problem but rendered assistance in establishing what was causing it. :)

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October 23, 2006

TSV 40

Filed in: Doctor Who, TSV Online.

Over the weekend I got TSV issue 40 online. The major item this issue is an interview with Andrew Cartmel, script editor for the Sylvester McCoy era. The first ever interview with him about his time on the show, in fact, and it was later reprinted in Doctor Who Magazine. It's also notable for the sheer amount of artwork, much of it from Tim Hill, including many items related to the stories made during Cartmel's years on Doctor Who.

There's lots of other stuff, of course, like the first Missing Adventures review published in TSV, some neat cartoons including the return of Tardis Tales with a New Adventures themed strip, a Script to Screen on Ghost Light, covering material cut from the story before transmission, and lots of other goodies.

And also I fixed the back end for my music page, so I'll be able to start adding CDs to it again. I haven't added anything to it since APRIL, so I've got a bit of a backlog...

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October 17, 2006

Perl and NZ's government

Filed in: Misc.

Although I taught myself to write Perl a couple of years ago, I hadn't actually picked up a perl reference book until about a week ago when I started writing some Perl code at work. The upshot is that I now realise how dodgy some of the code is that I've been writing for my site in my spare time. :P

So in the spirit of making my code non-dodgy, last weekend I rewrote the NZDWFC page's search functionality almost completely. Surprisingly, I do this for fun...

The other topic I'm writing this entry about is one of the many silly things that the New Zealand government has been up to recently:

Since each political party needs to do campaigning, they're allocated taxpayer money to do it with. They're only allowed to spend a specific amount on campaigning, in order to keep things fair. All of the parties managed to overspend their budgets during the election last year and the Auditor General has slapped them all with bills for the amount they need to pay back.

The Labour party, which is currently in power, overspent the most and was slapped with a bill in excess of $800,000. So far they've come up with a few ideas on paying it back: public donations, and via the Labour MPs paying a portion of their pay packet towards it (though as mentioned on the news, they're up for another raise soon which will cancel it out anyway). However on tonight's news it was revealed that Labour is working on getting the law changed so their insane overspending is no longer illegal.

It must be great to be a politician. Not only do you get to change the rules if you don't like them, but you can even vote yourself a pay rise on the taxpayer.

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October 12, 2006

That's a biiig crane

Filed in: Misc.

I wish I had my decent camera, but here's a cellphone cam pic:

It was dismantalling the large static crane in the middle of the work site. The Mitre Ten Mega appears to be proceeding along fine...

Edit: Or the Harvey Norman Centre, as I've been corrected!

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October 8, 2006

TSV 39

Filed in: Doctor Who, TSV Online.

Issue 39 of TSV is now online. This issue was published in 1994. The cover, as you can see right, featured the current New Adventures TARDIS crew of Ace, the Doctor and Bernice Summerfield. It'd be cool if Benny could turn up in the new series someday...

There's a bunch of post-TV series articles in there, with an article by Kate Orman on her book The Left-Handed Hummingbird, an introduction to the Missing Adventures (updated to note which books were put in which gaps), a speculative article on how the show might have gone had it not been cancelled, and more reviews of the then-current New Adventure series. The first Missing Adventures review pops up in issue 40.

There's an exploration of the violence in Vengeance on Varos, a history of the planet Mars (no less!) and one of the contributions I made back then which I don't cringe at now: an article on how the various references to Atlantis fit together.

I also managed to stump Jon Preddle with a question in Doctor's Dilemma, which I'm quite proud of. :)

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October 5, 2006

Doctor Who Series 2 Overview

Filed in: Doctor Who.

And series 2 draws to a close here in New Zealand. It's only just started screening in the states (Fridays on SciFi) so most of this post will be cut for spoilers.

The Christmas Invasion: Classic post-regeneration story of alien invasion. Reminded me a lot of The Dying Days only less complicated. The tenth Doctor spends most of the story in his ideal state (unconscious) which probably helps my appreciation of it. Jackie continues to be mostly annoying. As usual for a Christmas-themed episode this screened in the middle of the year here. 6/10

New Earth: New Who's equivalent of Time and the Rani complete with a female villain pretending to be the Doctor's companion. The Rani pretending to be Mel is far more entertaining than Cassandra pretending to be Rose, but the story improves once he works it out. Also there are some cat nuns and diseased zombies. 7/10

Continue reading "Doctor Who Series 2 Overview"

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October 4, 2006

Paged Archives v1.2!

Filed in: Movable Type.

It's time, I guess, for my monthly Paged Archives plugin release! This will probably be the last one, barring any bugs... The main changes this time are some tags to handle date headers, which I'd neglected in previous versions, and a new way of constructing the URLs used in the page links (because it kept randomly using the Doctor Who archive URL for the Website Management pages. Weird).

You can read read about it and download it from the Paged Archives plugin page.

Edit: Please mote that the plugin will only work if you are statically publishing your blog with MT. It will not work if you are dynamically publishing using PHP files.

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