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August 23, 2007

RIP Chair

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*plays taps*

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August 21, 2007

UT Bots are Idiots, part Deux

Filed in: Unreal Tournament.

I have been cruelly struck down with a cold, so any updates on the previous situation will have to wait. Instead, a random Unreal Tournament post. Pop quiz:

Q. today when I was playing Unreal Tournament, these two bots spent most of the match standing at the bottom of this wall looking up. Why?
[Bots staring up a wall]

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August 19, 2007

Cowboy Builders

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Recently, a bunch of workers moved in to work on the building next door to where I work. Between the two buildings is a driveway and our parking places. The building wasn't in the best of shape so I had been thinking it was about time it had some work done on it.

However there were signs all wasn't well. At one point a builder was throwing bits of wood off the second floor onto a trailer parked in the driveway mere feet from our cars. Words were had and they stopped. Next thing, the builder was at it again, though this time another of the builders was standing between the trailer and cars, presumably to stop anything hitting them. None of the builders, I should add, were wearing hardhats or visibility clothing.

After more checking by my boss, it turned out that they didn't actually have the building consents required by the council. Cue the Man from the Council with a Cease and Desist order.

Not that it actually stopped them working. They just did it when no one was looking.

I suspect they weren't too happy about the whole thing. Last Tuesday they decided to repaint their cargo container which they were using for a site office. This involved using an industrial-strength grinder on it. Since my car was parked about ten feet away from it, I came out after work and found it covered in a layer of paint and/or metal sandings. I've been parking elsewhere since...

More news as it (hopefully doesn't) come to hand.

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August 16, 2007

OB Movable Type 4.0 upgrade post

Filed in: Movable Type.

Well, isn't this user interface spanky and new? I've upgraded this weblog to MT 4.0. Do I like it? Hmmm, I don't know.

Usually when updating, I have to laboriously upload each file, because I keep them in different places to where they are in the zip file Sixapart gives me. This time I thought I'd be clever, so I rearranged them on my PC, made an archive file, uploaded it and extracted it on the server. Unfortunately I forgot that when I create a tar.gz on Window XP and unzip it on Linux, all the directories get created without their execute bits, and everything breaks. Ho hum.

The second hurdle was that the update wizard would not recognise my mt-static directory. It turned out that this was because it was trying to load mt.js by going through the web server, and it was using a libwww-perl user agent, which I have blocked in .htaccess (because a hacker uses it when he tries to hack my server), so I had to amend my .htaccess.

My only other problem was getting it to recognise one of my plugins (archivedateheader), which was fixed by changing the directory and filename of the plugin to all lower case (WTF?).

Now, what are the odds that when I hit the "Save" button, the whole thing will come crashing down in a heap?

Edit: It worked! But where has the list of categories gone from my index page? :P

Editedit: Fixed, I had to turn the MTSubCategories tags into MTTopLevelCategories tags. :P

Edit³: When I try to rebuild all categories, it says "An error occurred publishing category '1': Publish error in template 'Category Archive': Error in <mt:HasParentCategory> tag". I think I'm done with wrestling with it tonight though.

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August 14, 2007

Doctor Who on Prime '07

Filed in: Doctor Who.

It's that time of year again...

[TV Guide cover] [TV Week cover]

Yes, there's only 25 days until the Rugby World Cup.


And five days until Doctor Who starts screening on Prime TV.

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August 11, 2007

TSV 49

Filed in: Doctor Who, TSV Online.

TSV 49 going online means we have nearly 50 issues on the site! (well, duh) It's also the longest issue to date - the print copy was a massive 108 pages.

Man, where do I start? Well, there's a cool article about the sixth Doctor's treatment at the hands of Virgin Publishing, titled Time's Chump. There's also a comic strip featuring the fourth Doctor, Sarah and UNIT, titled Home by the Sea which, as you might guess, references the Genesis song of the same name quite heavily; and interviewed this issue is Chris Loates, who worked on the classic series.

Then again, I could be egocentric and mention I had two reviews published: Day of the Daleks (which contrary to what I said there isn't really one of the best Dalek stories, because they're somewhat pasted in. It does make good use of time travel though!) and Death to the Daleks (which I still have a soft spot for).

TSV 49 is (personally) notable for another fact which isn't apparent from the online version because it doesn't contain the letters column from the print issue. My letter in this issue starts out as follows:

Hello everyone. It wasn't long ago that I joined in all the Mel hating with all the rest of the masses of Who fans worldwide. However having watched Trial of a Time Lord and Time and the Rani numerous times, I've come to realise that I really like Mel, and that she's actually my favourite companion.

So TSV 49 marks the point where I became a Mel Bush fan, which indirectly lead to me webmastering the NZDWFC site.

Next issue, Tom Baker visits New Zealand, the last installment of Tardis Tales, the first installment of the Karkus, and a bunch more!

See also: write-ups by Paul and Jamas
Previously: TSV 48

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August 8, 2007

Our politicians are crazy

Filed in: Misc.

According to TV3 News, they've spent the last two days bickering and attacking each other instead of, you know, making law and running the country. Exactly why do we pay them an obscene amount of money to sit in a chamber all day calling into question each other's integrity/abilities/parentage?

Bloglines pointed me at a blog entry about knitting, because I have a search subscription on Bonnie Langford. This time it's picked up on this gem, the cover of a knitting book. I recognise Bonnie, Joanna Lumbley and Richard Briers, but I'm not sure who the fellow in glasses is at bottom left...

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August 2, 2007

July Roundup

Filed in: Doctor Who, Misc, Music, Website Management.

Lots of short items which I can't be bothered writing full posts for:

Prime TV is going to start screening Series 3 of Doctor Who on August 19th. You can read more about it here (I know the page layout sucks - I'm going to tidy it up on the weekend).

Blogger: Please add a bulk submittal version of your spam reporting tool, so I when I get spammed with 200 blogspot URLs, I can report all of them at once.

I believe the hacker who's been trying to hack into my site to be a Brazilian who goes by the handle Nicksom2d. One of the scripts used to try to hack in was located on a hacked site, with a main page title "Owned by Nicksom2d from Brazil". Nicksom2d also wrote there "I never really hated the stupids admins but I hate the admin that make a website and ignore all the possibilities of invasion, sometimes I would be a hacker... just it..." Word.

Stone Age, one of my favourite groups, has a new album out, Totems d'Armorique! And it's, like, almost totally different to their other albums.

The NZDWFC site had 7720 unique visitors last month, beating its previous best of 7624 set in May.

Apparently there are approximately four times more people searching for Transformers Robot Heroes than there are for Transformers slash. This proves Robot Heroes are better than sex.

The Bill Gates eyes program I made years ago on a whim got downloaded over a thousand times last month. No, I don't know why.

Three search queries of note used to find my site in July:

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