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Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler and Night Terrors

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Doctor Who is back, finally! And... yes.

"Let's Kill Hitler" is an episode which seems to be aiming for light entertainment. As a follow up to "A Good Man Goes to War", it's a little unsatisfying. We get some explanation as far as River Song is concerned, and a concept ripped off from a movie which bombed magnificently at the box office.

"Night Terrors", on the other hand, is played dark. Luckily, unlike "Let's Kill Hitler", it's not bogged down by having to be part of a larger series arc, and is more of a standalone story. That said, I can see how it would fit better as part of the first half of the season (ISTR it was swapped with "The Curse of the Black Spot").

More under the cut! Because there's spoilers!

So, "Let's Kill Hitler". We finally get an explanation for what happened to the girl after "Day of the Moon" - she turned into a toddler, somehow got across the Atlantic to England and then grew up alongside Amy. Wait, wasn't she in 1969? I'm pretty sure Amy hadn't been born then. Did she grow up slower or something? Anyway, River, calling herself "Mels" shanghais the Doctor, Amy and Rory to 1938 Germany and crashes the TARDIS into Hitler's office. Somehow this sort of thing doesn't get them immediately arrested and/or shot, and once Mels regenerates into River, we have a runaround involving a spaceship full of miniaturized people and shaped like a human. I wonder what happened to the Tesselecta at the end of the episode. Is there a River Song shaped robot stuffed into a TARDIS cupboard somewhere?

"Night Terrors", as I said, woulda fit well in the first half of the season, what with Amy being a fake Flesh duplicate, and her being turned into a wooden doll halfway through the episode. It's also a bit unfortunate that this episode features a maze-like house while a later episode features a maze-like hotel. It's a very nicely creepy episode - I was afraid of the dark as a kid, so I could sympathise with George, and there's some nice wee scenes in there. The landlord sinking into the floor evokes the old "the floor is made of lava" kids game. Fun, though, and the wooden dolls were very well realised. Definitely one of the better episodes this year.

I have to say that I'm surprised they're still using the Amy exposition opening before the title sequence. It seems... unnecessary.

Posted September 24, 2011 7:02 PM

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