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December 26, 2007

UT3 Screencap Review Part 2: Tank Crossing

[CGI landscape]

So, today I'm going to look at the Warfare game type and one particular example, Tank Crossing. This map, as you can see above in the screen shot which looks vaguely like it came from a CGI wallpaper site, has pretty scenery. It's also a really good example of how UT3 meshes together the Onslaught, Assault, and Bombing Run game types from UT2004.

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December 6, 2007

Unreal Tournament 3 Voice Actors

Because the IMDB doesn't have a page up for UT3 yet (I tried to add one and got about halfway through the ponderously long form and gave up), and voice actors are awesome and deserve recognition1.

Jester: Andrea Baker
Iron Guard Male/Corrupt Robot: Steve Blum
Status Announcer: Kimberly Brooks
Othello: TC Carson
Reaper: Chris Cox
Malcolm: Greg Eagles
Lauren: Serena Irwin2
Necris Female/Akasha: Mandy Kaplan
Necris Male/Corrupt Robot: Neil Kaplan
Twin Souls Female/Iron Guard Female: Iona Morris
Bishop: Nolan North
Krall: David Sobalov
Reward Announcer/Twin Souls Male/Krall: Fred Tatasciore

That's a pretty flash collection of voice actors right there. Chris Cox, who plays main character "Reaper"3, was Captain Atom in Justice League Unlimited! Iona Morris was, of course, Storm in the 90s X Men cartoon, and Neil Kaplan and David Sobalov both did voices in Transformers series (Optimus Prime in Robots in Disguise, and Depth Charge in Beast Wars, respectively).

More general UT notes:

  • Having to set up my preferred settings because UT3 doesn't save them between sessions is getting old already. I suspect this is a bug.
  • Getting a lot of people finding my UT3 demo post because they're getting blank screens/runtime errors when they try to run the game. Tsk tsk, Epic.
  • Is it just me or is the new Hellbender like trying to drive a bucking bronco strapped to a railway handcar?
  • You can, of course, unlock all the characters without playing the single player campaign, however I'm going to do it the hard way.

1 Not that the rest of the UT3 team doesn't.
2 I'm assuming it's the same person despite the different spelling in the credits.
3 In the Doom movie, the main character is also named Reaper. Hmm...

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December 2, 2007

UT3 Screencap Review Part 1

I got Unreal Tournament 3 a couple of days ago. You may recall I had trouble getting the demo to work. Well, the game shipped with the setting in question set to the "not working" mode, so it appears that Epic didn't notice a large number of people having trouble with the thing. Anyway, I've been playing it a bit, so here are some initial thoughts.

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November 11, 2007


Shortly after making my previous post I remembered that someone had mentioned that using the Print Screen button still worked. Since it's a huge hassle to switch from UT2004 to a graphics program every time you want to take a screen shot, I wrote a quick program to poll the clipboard every few seconds and, if it happens to contain a bitmap, write it to a file.

Clipboarddump screen shot

I had a quick check around the internet, but I couldn't find any other freeware programs which would do the same thing, so I figured I'd put it on here in case it helps anyone else who's facing the same problem.

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November 10, 2007

Blank Screenshots

I got a bit of a surprise a couple of days ago when I tried to take some screenshots in Unreal Tournament 2004. Last month, while trying to get the UT3 demo working I updated the drivers for my PC's graphics card. Unfortunately, what I didn't know at the time is that there's an incompatibility between UT2004 and the latest version of the nVidia drivers which means that screenshots now come out completely black.

There's a thread in nVidia's forums, and a thread in Epic Games' forums. The one on the Epics Games forum suggested downloading and installing nHancer, which allows finer control over nVidia graphics settings, but it didn't make any difference.

Since Epic hasn't released a patch for UT2004 since 2005, hopefully nVidia will release something that will fix the problem...

Edit: I came up with my own solution!

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October 18, 2007

Tripod/Darkstalker pix

Here is one of the reasons Unreal Tournament 3 is made of awesome: actual Tripods with heat rays. I cannot stress how cool this is. Tripods. TRIPODS! WITH HEAT RAYS!

Tripod picture 1 Tripod picture 2
Tripod picture 3 Tripod picture 4


Sorry, I need a moment.

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October 14, 2007

Trying out the Unreal Tournament 3 demo

A demo for Unreal Tournament 3 was recently released. Since I'm a big fan of UT2004, I downloaded it last night to try it out.

Installing the demo wasn't too bad, though it did force me to install Microsoft's .NET 2.0 framework (Why?). Having completed installation, I started the demo. It played the manufacturer logos (is it really necessary to have logos for hardware manufacturers on a game?!) and then the screen went blank. It stayed blank for about thirty seconds and then my PC rebooted. Windows cited an infinite loop in the graphics driver (What?!). I guess I should have rebooted manually after installation, although the installer gave no indication this was necessary.

I tried starting up the game again, and it got to the main menu! Huzzah! I checked through all the options and attempted to start a deathmatch in the level "Heat Ray". The game gave me a loading screen and then... crashed again. Windows reported that the software had had a fatal error, but wouldn't elaborate. Fantastic!

I rebooted and tried again, selecting a different map to play. This time it got to the point of showing the first view of the level ("Shangri La") and playing some ambient sounds before crashing again. Sensing a theme, I started the game up again, and tried the only other level in the game, the Capture the Flag level "Suspense". This time Windows said UT3 had announced a runtime error, and didn't even generate an error report.

So, three levels, and none of them play on my machine. Given that I upgraded my PC this year specifically so I'd have a machine fast enough to play Unreal Tournament 3, I'm a little annoyed. I guess unless another demo is released which works on my computer, I'll have to put off buying UT3 until I upgrade my computer again (probably in another 5 years...).

Meh, computers.

Edit: this post on Epic Games forums looks promising. I'll have to try some of the things it suggests.

Edit: Having updated my processor and video card drivers, changing the option in UTEngine.ini and shutting down AVG, the game now works on my system. WOOHOO!

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August 21, 2007

UT Bots are Idiots, part Deux

I have been cruelly struck down with a cold, so any updates on the previous situation will have to wait. Instead, a random Unreal Tournament post. Pop quiz:

Q. today when I was playing Unreal Tournament, these two bots spent most of the match standing at the bottom of this wall looking up. Why?
[Bots staring up a wall]

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May 26, 2007

UT Review: Utopia

I wasn't planning to do another Unreal Tournament review so soon after the last one, but this level was just so darn pretty. Thus, screencap review:

Assault: Utopia
Author: Rob Hartley

Utopia is the story of the attack and destruction of a scenic village and its sacred historic landmarks. The drawback, you see, of making an Unreal Tournament level this beautiful, is that the purpose of the game is to blow things up. There's no tour at the start of the match to instruct you on what to do, so the tour (with explosions) is as follows:

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May 20, 2007

UT Review: Kranial Map Pack #1

I haven't reviewed any Unreal Tournament maps for a while now, mostly due to being too busy. To make up for it I'm going to look at five maps in this post, the contents of the first Kranial Map Pack.

As a side note, I notice now that I have a faster computer, all the weapon and blood effects have appeared in the intro sequence which plays when you start a new single player game. I guess UT was jacking back the effects automatically.

Anyway, the five maps are:

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August 10, 2006

That's Just Wrong

I've installed quite a few custom characters on Unreal Tournament since getting it. Being a bit of a Transformers buff, when I saw someone had created Optimus and Megatron characters, I immediately downloaded them.

Copy of Unreal Tournament: $40
Downloading Transformers character from the internet: free
Seeing Optimus Prime doing victory pelvis thrusts for the first time?
[Optimus animation]

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January 7, 2006

UT Review: Galadriël System

Level: ONS-Galadriël-System
Type: Onslaught
Download Size: 9.44 MB
Rating: 8/10
Downloaded from: Unreal Tournament Files (File Front)

Description: Zooming about in space in flying saucers to Jarre. Weeeeeeeee!

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November 27, 2005

Best. Parking Job. Ever.

Because when you can't find anywhere else to park your vehicle of mass destruction, hanging it from a tree is perfectly acceptable.

[Image: nice parking, slick] [Image: and a scorpion in a pear tree]

Who said Unreal Tournament was unrealistic? :)

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October 26, 2005


I only noticed a while ago what it said along the bottom of the Hellbender's licence plate...

Licenced to Frag

Yeah, so I'm slow. Wonder what the significance of the 675 is...

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October 23, 2005

UT Review: Maelstrom

Level: ONS-Maelstrom
Type: Onslaught
Download Size: 6 MB
Rating: 9/10
Downloaded from: Unreal Tournament Files (File Front)

Description: A series of gentle plataeus littered with nodes.

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