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January 18, 2009

The Universe is a hologram

From NewScientist: Our world may be a giant hologram

Scientists have found that space time may not, in fact, be continuous, but composed of pixels 10-35 metres in size, some hundred billion billion times smaller than a proton.

It occurs that if we can determine the exact size of the universe, we can then calculate its resolution.

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November 15, 2008

My Sanyo Mobile

You may remember this post and my complaint about the predictive text function on my old phone. I remembered that post, and decided to try the same test on my new phone, so I started a new text message and attempted to type "bumblebee". Just like on my old phone, my new phone decided I meant "bunckeade". WTF? They're not even the same brand of phone! Surprisingly I've had several hits from people searching for the word "bunkeade" on search engines...

The predictive text on my new phone is an improvement though, apart from the fact that for some reason hitting the key to enter a period or comma at the end of a word is very slow.

Also, the red LED for indicating incoming messages is located behind the black speaker grill and looks quite evil when it flashes. I approve.

On the downside: I still haven't worked out how to get my custom ringtone onto it. And another thing that bugs me about the phone design is the "speaker" button on the keypad right under the up/down button, which means sometimes when I get a text message, I accidentally hit the wrong button and end up ringing the sender.

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October 16, 2008

New Phone!

Sanyo SCP-3200
I went hunting recently for a new mobile phone. For various reasons I wanted to switch from Vodafone to Telecom, as Vodafone's prepay plan was no longer suitable for my purposes. My primary condition of sale was that the phone had to be $200 or less - paying more for a cell phone is just excessive.

After checking out what phones Telecom had on offer, I checked out the online reviews (having been stung before) and only one phone in the price range I'd set had uniformly good reviews - the Sanyo SCP-3200. The only problem was that Telecom was only offering it in one colour: pink. I'm not a huge fan of pink.

I asked at the local Telecom shop and was told that Sanyo used to have it in black as well, but it had been discontinued. After visiting another four or five shops, I finally found a black one in the Noel Leemings in Queensgate, so I'm now the proud owner of a Sanyo SCP-3200!

The only thing remaining is to work out how to get my custom Doctor Who ringtone onto it. Reading the manual, I'm beginning to suspect that Telecom has neutered the bluetooth support so that it's only possible to load files on by paying for them off Telecom's site...

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June 7, 2008

Fun with predictive text

Which idiot programmed the predictive text feature on my phone?

Me: 286253233
Phone: You must mean "bunckeade"!
Me: No! I mean "bumblebee"! What the hell kind of word is "bunckeade"?!

[Five minutes later]
Me: 286253233
Phone: "bunckeade"!
Me: *sigh*

So, yeah, I'm thinking of getting a new phone.

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April 4, 2008

Random Sunrise Photo!

Clouds at sunrise

Good morning, April (I meant to post this yesterday, when it would have been 25% closer to the start of the month, but oh well...)

Continue reading "Random Sunrise Photo!"

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March 31, 2008

Random Sunset Photo 2

sunset photo
Goodnight March!

Continue reading "Random Sunset Photo 2"

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December 16, 2007

Random Sunset Photo

Just because.


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December 15, 2007

White Pages Logo

Here's a partial image of the cover of the Wellington White Pages:

picture of white pages logo

Pop quiz: What is the logo on the left there supposed to be? Is it:

  1. One guy punching another guy in the armpit?
  2. Two people synchronised swimming?
  3. Two catapaults, loaded with ballast?

Answers on the back of a postcard.

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December 5, 2007

Blatant publicity stunt ahoy!

[Kylie Minogue]

In the paper this morning was this item: Kylie wants Wellington strip club poster removed.

London lawyers for pop princess Kylie Minogue have demanded a Wellington strip club remove what it says is a picture of the singer from its window.

Clear cut case! But the owner claims that the picture is not, in fact, of Kylie Minogue:

He said his designer downloaded the image from an internet site three months ago and used it for a window poster. It was not labelled as a photograph of Minogue and he said he could not see the resemblance.

After a five minutes googling, I found said picture on a wallpaper site, clearly marked as being a picture of Kylie Minogue. You can see it on this post, tastefully cropped so you can't see her boobies, so this blog doesn't get an NC17 rating. But even without looking, she's pretty recognisable.

"I'm not convinced, eh? What would a nice girl like Kylie be doing in a wet top like that?"

Has he seen the lingerie calendars she's put out? I smell a publicity stunt.

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November 5, 2007

The big ban

I suspect that fireworks are going to be banned next year, given that every Guy Fawkes their sale becomes more and more restrictive. Mostly because, as Jamas fears, fireworks result in a lot of house fires.

But hey, this is the 21st century! Why are we still lighting paper tubes filled with gun powder? The future is in holographic fireworks! Safe, fun, and recyclable! Considering how cheap lasers seem to be these days (how much can you get a CDROM drive for?) it surely shouldn't cost that much to mass produce that sort of thing by now..?

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October 10, 2007

New "designer" Coke cans

This morning I discovered all the Coke cans at a petrol station near work had been replaced. Instead of the usual standard-sized cans, they'd turned into tall thin things, which looked like slightly larger energy drink cans. Whereas the old cans held 355ml, the new ones held 300ml but were more expensive. After a spot of googling, I found this article.

Consider me boggled. Is it possible for a soft drink to jump the shark?

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October 8, 2007


Dear world

If I every use the word "gutted", and my internal organs are all safely inside me, you have my permission to whap me upside the head.

(A word I suspect we're going to be hearing a lot of on New Zealand television in the next week or so :P

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September 25, 2007

Casino vs boobies

It amused me this morning that, of all the stories the Dominion Post could have picked to headline their front page, they picked the story about a British tourist being kicked out of Christchurch Casino because her breasts were too big. Will Christchurch Casino hire someone to stand at the door with a tape measure?

Or instead of discriminating against random people, they could maybe handle their loan shark problem.

Also spotted in the news today, hidden in this item on vote-rigging in an email poll for a show TVNZ are doing:

Details of the false emails have been referred to the police.

Exactly what cybercrime would the perps be charged with, I wonder.

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August 8, 2007

Our politicians are crazy

According to TV3 News, they've spent the last two days bickering and attacking each other instead of, you know, making law and running the country. Exactly why do we pay them an obscene amount of money to sit in a chamber all day calling into question each other's integrity/abilities/parentage?

Bloglines pointed me at a blog entry about knitting, because I have a search subscription on Bonnie Langford. This time it's picked up on this gem, the cover of a knitting book. I recognise Bonnie, Joanna Lumbley and Richard Briers, but I'm not sure who the fellow in glasses is at bottom left...

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