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February 16, 2006

Strange Who reference in today's Dominion Post

I was reading today Dominion Post while eating breakfast when a letter titled "Daleks out to destroy" caught my eye. It was someone complaining about a new apartment block, and only the last paragraph had anything to do with Doctor Who:

Wellington City Council and its city planners - obviously positively divine. They're not of this Earth. Maybe they're from Outpost Gallifrey? Daleks, perhaps?

You know your web site is famous when people writing letters to newspapers in far-flung countries mistake it for the planet! Not that I'm jealous or anything. :)

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February 2, 2006

TSV 34

[TSV 34 cover]As you may have guessed from the title, another issue of TSV has gone up on the NZDWFC site. TSV 34 came out in mid 1993 - the "It's Back!" on the front cover referred to the ill-fated production The Dark Dimension which never really got off the ground.

One of the features of this issue was the publishing of the results of a short story contest won by Nicholas Withers with a Quatermass crossover. Then's also a feature on the amazing Kandyman costume which won the Judges Choice award at DefCon 1993, and another speculation on the future of Doctor Who.

Also, as you can tell from the artwork page Tim Hill produced a large amount of the artwork for this issue, but that quantity is dwarfed by the couple of dozen pieces he had in TSV 40!

Next up I will be upgrading the NZDWFC site to XHTML and updating the style. :)

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January 13, 2006

The TARDIS Tales Collection

The latest issue to hit the TSV archive is The TARDIS Tales Collection, a special issue which included every installment of Graham Muir's comic strip up to The Final Chapter in TSV 32, and added the epic 10-page Sauceron. As well, Graham provides commentary on the strips, and some of his pre-TARDIS-Tales comics are printed, such as this excellently funny one-page summation of the first episode of Death to the Daleks.

Of course, The Final Chapter wasn't the last TARDIS Tales, so there are more comic strips to come in future issues, though the next one isn't until TSV 35...

On a related note, Paul relates how the NZDWFC site was recently visited by award-winning NZ author Keri Hulme!

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January 9, 2006

Do Whitcoulls even want to sell Doctor Who DVDs?

I ask myself this sometimes. Like today when I went to the Lower Hutt Queensgate branch to buy City of Death, which was released last Thursday.

It wasn't in the first place I looked (the new releases section) though last month's Doctor Who DVD was. I then looked in the science fiction section, which is where Doctor Who DVDs live and, after a bit of hunting, found two copies of City of Death hiding behind a Dune box set.

Then I went to Dick Smiths and looked at the range of cellphones - while they had a big wall display, all it consisted of was dummy cellphones with no actual information next to them. Like a feature list or prices. Evidently not in a hurry to sell any then.

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December 29, 2005

TSV 33

Issue 33 includes: the influence of the Bible, Norse mythology, and Quatermass on Doctor Who, Kate Orman's opinion piece on the New Adventures, an examination of Terrance Dicks' writing style, the last installment of the Novelisations covering the seventh Doctor's books, a list of actors who've been in both Doctor Who and The Prisoner, and The Box, which describes how dimensional transcendentalism works.

Though this was dubbed the "Alden Bates issue" in the next issue's letters column because of the amount of stuff I had in it, (only 7 items, really...) I much prefer the articles other people had printed. Particularly the items I've mentioned above. My excuse is that the stuff I wrote in this issue was done during my foolish teenage years, though since this issue was published in April 1993, I'm not going to be able to use that excuse for much longer. :)

The back cover also has one of my favourite pieces of artwork of the Master. Is that not great?

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December 28, 2005

Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

I watched this, only a couple of days late... Tennant is a lot less annoying than he was in the Children in Need short, which was a great relief to me, as I was afraid I was really going to hate his Doctor, and since he's likely to be in the role for the foreseeable future...

Roll on series 2!

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December 24, 2005

Billie Piper and David Te... er...

From the latest NZ TV Guide:

[David Tennant and Billie Piper

There's a slight problem with the picture they published. It's not David Tennant at all - it's football player Paul Gascoigne.

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November 29, 2005

Dalek porn!!

From The Sun: Sexterminate (NWS)

BEEB bosses have gone ballistic after discovering the Daleks are starring in a PORN FLICK ... Estate director Tim Hancock said: “The reason the Daleks are still the most sinister thing in the universe is because they do not make things like porn.

Hancock's forgetting the infamous shoot with Katy Manning posing naked with the Dalek, obviously

See also: The Register: BBC pulls plug on Dalek lesbian romp flick and the trailer! Also NWS.

I suspect that the Dalek voices used are soundbytes from the original series. The grey Dalek looks pretty authentic. There's a company which makes them at something like £4000 a go, which probably wouldn't be out of the price range... The red Dalek, however, looks sadly misproportioned.

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November 17, 2005

TSV 32

Just uploaded TSV 32 to the NZDWFC site.

Including! An article on The Doctor Who Magazine comic strip Memorial and making thereof; an analysis of the material cut from Attack of the Cybermen prior to filming; the second Novelisations article, this time featuring the third Doctor Target novelisations; the end of Jeff Stone's Wotan Lives!; and lots and lots of other goodies.

TSV 32 also sees the first appearance of a shortlived cartoon I did titled Dr Hoo. This continued in irregular fashion until TSV 42, whereupon I ran out of ideas. The TSV 32 edition features a character from a more professional cartoon... Also from me is What's Really Inside a Dalek, but the less said about that, the better. :)

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November 9, 2005

Where Davies got the Glowing Sonic Screwdriver

I suddenly drew a connection the other day... In the new Doctor Who series, the Doctor's sonic screwdriver glows blue when in use. That isn't, however, the first time a sonic screwdriver which glows has been used - in 1996 Tom Baker came to New Zealand and recorded some adverts here (The results of which can be downloaded from my Doctor Who page). The longer of the five adverts featured the use of the sonic screwdriver, which as you can see below (just) emitted a beam of green light...

Tom Baker's sonic screwdriver

I win a prize for Ultimate Geekery!

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October 17, 2005

Doctor Who merchandise which should exist

A USB drive range, including:

  1. A sonic screwdriver - the light would flash when data is bring transferred
  2. A TARDIS - ditto
  3. A Dalek - flashing gun-stick would probably look coolest...

I'd buy one. Heck, if there can be Barbie USB drives why not?

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October 8, 2005

TSV 31

I've just finished uploading the contents of TSV #31 to the archives. It was published in November 1992, and includes such cool things as an article on The Robots of Death, Jon Preddle's article detailing the use of the Sonic Screwdriver over the course of the original series, the first part of a series of articles about the Target Novelisations, aaaaaand the first part of a JeffStoat fanfic titled Wotan Lives! (Note that this was written before putting an exclamation mark on the end of a title started meaning "THIS IS A COMEDY! YOU MUST LAUGH!" and Wotan Lives! is a serious fanfiction).

Of course, if you're looking for something silly, there's always Tardis Tales and Nigel the Self-Igniting Dalek and his Little Friend Oswald.

TSV #32 next, which features among other things) bits cut from Attack of the Cybermen, more Novelisations (the third Doctor novelisations this time) and the debut of a short-lived comic strip I did titled "Dr Hoo".

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September 2, 2005

TSV 71

TSV #71 arrived in my mailbox yesterday. As well as reviews of the first series of New Who, there's an interesting article in which the writer relates the reactions of NZ schoolchildren on being shown pictures of the previous Doctors and the episode "Rose". Sadly, the only Doctor they recognised as Doctor Who was Tom Baker, though some of the guesses they took at the others (William Hartnell as Winston Churchill?!) were hilarious.

I was also interested, despite not having read any of the books recently, to read WHO-F-O, an article on the BBC book The Indestructible Man. That particular book borrows heavily from the Gerry Anderson series UFO, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds, and the article lists the references to Anderson's series in that book. It also has a handy "Who's Who" of actors who've been in both Doctor Who and any of Anderson's series.

There's also lots of other cool stuff in there as well, of course - a more comprehensive list will be up on the NZDWFC site soon.

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August 6, 2005

Inside the TARDIS

Last night I went to the Wellington show of Inside the TARDIS. In a nutshell, it was a 2.5 hour show, involving Katy Manning, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, and also some guy called Tim Ferguson.

Outside of a nutshell is...

Continue reading "Inside the TARDIS"

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July 29, 2005

Blogging Doctor Who on Prime TV #4

As mentioned here previously, Prime are playing Doctor Who in full screen, losing the picture at either side. As noted on the NZDWFC message boards, there was also a cut made to The End of the World, with a line being lost when the show came back from ad break - the line being the episode's "Bad Wolf" reference. Which probably won't mean much in the end. I didn't notice it when I watched the BBC version.

Jonathan Park reported that Rose got about 151,000 viewers on its first showing, which is quite good for Prime. I haven't been able to find any regular source for ratings though.

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