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July 27, 2005

Inside the TARDIS rumblings

There's rumblings over the Inside the TARDIS stage show on the NZDWFC board. Originally the tickets for the prime seats at the Wellington show were $79.90... then the Wellington show changed venue from the St James Theatre to the Opera House, and the ticket price has dropped to $36.50.

I'll be interested to see if Ticketek refunds any money for the balance of the tickets.

Of course, if you bought, say, a fridge and then saw it dropped in price by $200 the next week, that's hard luck, but then the show hasn't been on yet, and there's nothing stopping anyone from getting a refund, then buying tickets at the lower price...

Though what's more confusing to me is the idea that the arranged discount for NZDWFC members isn't, in fact, a special discount at all.

This is all very confuzulating, and doesn't make me trust Ticketek any more than I did after the Wellington Moby concert was cancelled a while back, due to "overseas commitments", and then he later appeared on TV saying he'd been spending the last week relaxing in NZ!

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July 7, 2005


Was played in full screen. I half expected that anyway...

Now we sit back and wait to see what sort of ratings it got. :)

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July 6, 2005

Blogging Doctor Who on Prime TV #3

One day to go - Rose airs here tomorrow night.

TV Week coverThis week's TV Week (a TV schedule magazine supplied with the Dominion Post) has a nice big Doctor Who cover and article inside. Yesterday's Waikato Times had something similar (reported on the NZDWFC boards. Apologies for the quality of the image - it's too big to scan, so I had to use my camera.

Shane Palmer got some photos of the Doctor Who adverts gracing some of the buses as well.

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June 30, 2005

Blogging Doctor Who on Prime TV #2

There's now information from the Prime TV press pack up on the NZDWFC site, including an interesting description of the Slitheen, and an mpeg of one of the promotional trailers (which is, in fact, one of the BBC trailers!)

Jeff Stone and I went to see the Spielburg War of the Worlds at the Embassy last night, and Jeff found a photocopied picture of a Dalek in the toilets, with "Bad Wolf" scrawled along the top. So far it's a mystery as to whether this is a Prime promotional stunt, or some fans. So far no one has owned up on the NZDWFC message boards...

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June 23, 2005

Blogging Doctor Who on Prime TV #1

[TV Guide cover]

The latest TV Guide has a Dalek on the cover, and a two-page article on the new series (mostly reproduced interviews which can be found online, a guide to the monsters in the new series, and a "Fact file" with some basic facts about the series).

Holmes (Prime, 6pm) tonight played one of the BBC trailers. Excellent!

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June 17, 2005

TSV 30

I uploaded TSV issue 30 tonight. Published in 1992, it included reviews of the Cat's Cradle trilogy of New Adventures, and more Tomb of the Cybermen reviews.

Perhaps interesting given the fact that the TV series is back and going strong is an opinion piece by Aden Shillito, titled In Memory of the Late Doctor Who, which argues that the show should stay off the air.

There's also the transcript of a series of comedy sketches titled Fibremen of Spong (which featured a Maori Doctor and screened in a comedy show here), Missing Scenes Resurrection detailing material cut from Resurrection of the Daleks, no less than six Discovering Who, an analysis of Time Travel in the Doctor Who Universe, cartoons, artwork, and loads more stuff.

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June 12, 2005

Bad Wolf

Today's Doctor Who episode? Bloody good. From last week's preview, my expectations had been pretty low, but the episode itself far surpassed them. The only possible complaint I can think of is... (and I'm venturing into spoiler territory here, so the rest of the post will be under a cut...)

Continue reading "Bad Wolf"

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June 5, 2005

Recently Added: Doctor Who on Television eBook

Last week Another Time and Space was added to the NZDWFC site. This is an eBook written by Paul Scoones which details the screening of Doctor Who in New Zealand from 1964 to today.

It includes details of the background of the screenings, listings of the dates and times each episode was played, the episode blurbs from TV listings magazine The Listener, and also clippings from that magazine. It's an updating of The Doctor Who Listener, which was published in paper form in the late 80s/early 90s.

Another Time and Space is a continuing work in progress - there are more clippings and blurbs to go up, and doubtless there will be more information to put up once Prime starts playing the new series...

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May 1, 2005


Holy. Crap.

Without a doubt the best episode so far this season, and quite possibly the best since ever. If the entire rest of the season is complete crap (I'm sure it won't be) it'll still have been worth it to get this one episode.

Absolutely brilliant.

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April 12, 2005

Colin Baker on New Who

Colin Baker seems quite impressed with new Doctor Who, though he tells Eccleston to shut up regarding the whole accent thing. I find it hard to imagine Colin with an accent like Eccleston's...

According to the Daily Record, he was also taken with Billie Piper. Down, boy!

Edit: It says "Ex Dr Who and local celebrity" on the main page of his column. International celebrity would be more like it!

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April 1, 2005

This Week in Doctor Who

*** DoctorWho ( has joined #BBC1
* Chanserv set mode: +v DoctorWho
<+DoctorWho> W00T! We're back!
<Public> Hey, this is that show with the bloke with the scarf!
* Fanboy1 facepalms
<+DoctorWho> Dumdedum...
* DoctorWho transmits.
* Fanboy1 watches.
<Public> Weeeeeeee!
<Fanboy1> Ummmm...
<Fanboy1> ...
*** GNorton ( has joined #BBC1
* Chanserv set mode: +v GNorton
<+GNorton> Hello!
<+GNorton> Whups, wrong channel! Sorry!
*** GNorton ( has left #BBC1
<Fanboy1> Ummmm...
<Fanboy1> Argh!
<Public> This is fun!
<Fanboy1> OMG, *that's* the console room?
<+DoctorWho> Next week: some more stuff will happen!
<+DoctorWho> Later, all.
*** DoctorWho ( has left #BBC1
<Fanboy1> OMG! That was crap! Where's the nearest forum so I may voice my displeasure?
*** Fanboy1 ( has left #BBC1
<@JTranter> !Chanstats 26/03/2005
<Chanserv> There were 10.5 million chatters in #BBC1
<@JTranter> OMG!
<@JTranter> :D
<FamousEccles> 10.5 million?! :O
<FamousEccles> Why didn't the server collapse?
<@JTranter> This rocks! Let's make another season! And a Christmas special!
* FamousEccles reads some online forums.
<FamousEccles> D:
<FamousEccles> You know...
*** FamousEccles has quit IRC: Typecasting sucks
<@JTranter> Doh!
-> *DTennant* How's your schedule for the next 9 months?

Any resemblance between persons living or dead purely accidental, etc, etc. My apologies if this doesn't make sense to you. I was bored.

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March 27, 2005

Dum de dum...

Some hours ago now, the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who finally played on TV over in England. I can only experience it vicariously, seeing as Prime TV here haven't even announced a date when the show will be screened, but I've seen both positive and negative reviews. Personally, though I've only seen the leaked version, I quite liked "Rose".

OTOH, Timestreams issue 5 is now up on the NZDWFC web site, so if you can't see the new episodes, at least you can read some good fanfiction. :)

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March 6, 2005


Over the last month, Timestreams (the fiction zine of the NZDWFC) issues #2, #3, and #4 have all gone up on the site, so now a lot more fanfiction by New Zealand fans is available to read.

Some of my favourites are: Intersect by Craig Young, which is a crossover with The Tomorrow People; Across the Universe by Jeff Stone, in which the Doctor and DJ meet the Beatles; and a prologue for Power of the Daleks by David Lawrence.

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February 7, 2005

TSV 29

TSV #29 went online last night - the most material for an issue yet! Included in this issue:

  1. Boatloads of stuff on The Tomb of the Cybermen
  2. The Young One's Vyvyan becomes the Doctor's companion
  3. The first of a series of additions for the Time Lord role playing game.
  4. The start of Scrapbook, another regular column in which magazine and newspaper clippings of interest are presented.
  5. An analysis of the legends surrounding The Mythmakers.
  6. The Doctor regenerating into a Dalek!
  7. And possibly the piece of fanfiction with the lowest content-to-title ratio in all history!

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January 22, 2005

Where the Sea's Asleep

Author Kate Orman has put together a Doctor Who/Blake's Seven fanzine, the price of which goes entirely to the Red Cross for use in Tsunami relief. The zine is named Where the Sea's Asleep. I have volunteered to distribute it in New Zealand...

On the not-having-a-computer front, my computer is unfortunately still at the shop. This is mostly why I haven't updated in a while.

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