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TSV 30

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I uploaded TSV issue 30 tonight. Published in 1992, it included reviews of the Cat's Cradle trilogy of New Adventures, and more Tomb of the Cybermen reviews.

Perhaps interesting given the fact that the TV series is back and going strong is an opinion piece by Aden Shillito, titled In Memory of the Late Doctor Who, which argues that the show should stay off the air.

There's also the transcript of a series of comedy sketches titled Fibremen of Spong (which featured a Maori Doctor and screened in a comedy show here), Missing Scenes Resurrection detailing material cut from Resurrection of the Daleks, no less than six Discovering Who, an analysis of Time Travel in the Doctor Who Universe, cartoons, artwork, and loads more stuff.

Posted June 17, 2005 9:41 PM


And I was right in very many ways. As it turned out a very long rest (15 years) and a cup of tea was just what the Doctor ordered, but the 'main stream tv romantic porn' thing I implied would result has occured. Based on my theory we can look forward to Star Trek the nex next next generation in 2020.

Posted by: Aden Shillito | August 8, 2006 6:53 PM

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