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Feigning normality since 1973 = comment spammers

Filed in: Spam.

I was trying to find out why Googlebot and Slurp kept hitting a URL on here which was incomplete (they were trying to load archives/.../09/spam_and_movable_type_comments.html) and stumbled on this page:

No link love for them. It's a log of attempts to post comment spam to various blogs. It looks like they tried to hit a couple of my entries (and were stopped by some rules in my .htaccess file), but successfully posted to a bunch of other blogs. I checked a few of the blog links they had there, and none of them had the spam comment that the log says they posted, so evidently they picked poorly when looking for blogs to spam. If they're using that page as an example of their leet spamming skills, it's not very impressive.

Their spambot appears to operate off their web site, so blocking hits in your .htaccess file should stop them.

Posted May 24, 2007 7:59 PM

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