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My Sanyo Mobile

Filed in: Misc.

You may remember this post and my complaint about the predictive text function on my old phone. I remembered that post, and decided to try the same test on my new phone, so I started a new text message and attempted to type "bumblebee". Just like on my old phone, my new phone decided I meant "bunckeade". WTF? They're not even the same brand of phone! Surprisingly I've had several hits from people searching for the word "bunkeade" on search engines...

The predictive text on my new phone is an improvement though, apart from the fact that for some reason hitting the key to enter a period or comma at the end of a word is very slow.

Also, the red LED for indicating incoming messages is located behind the black speaker grill and looks quite evil when it flashes. I approve.

On the downside: I still haven't worked out how to get my custom ringtone onto it. And another thing that bugs me about the phone design is the "speaker" button on the keypad right under the up/down button, which means sometimes when I get a text message, I accidentally hit the wrong button and end up ringing the sender.

Posted November 15, 2008 12:31 PM


In certain Asian countries, asking for a bunckeade is a grave insult. Though you may be alright, given that no-one knows what a bunckeade is.

Posted by: Jeff Stone | November 16, 2008 7:15 PM

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