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Doctor Who, Series 5, episodes 4-7

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Yes, I'm slow about posting these. I blame RTD for sapping my interest in Doctor Who. Moffat is slowly winning it back, episode by episode, but it's a long, uphill struggle.

As usual, spoilers abound.

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone
So, this is where Moffat seems to have thrown RTD's game plan out of the window. The early two-parter is supposed to be the crap slot. Instead Moffat has foolishly bucked the trend by filling it with Weeping Angels, River Song, and snappy dialogue. Moffat, you maniac! In what is surely one of the better two parters of the new series, the Doctor again encounters River Song out of sequence. I'm interested to see how this novel concept is going to play out, though I have to wonder about the fact she was introduced to Amy for the first time, and what that means for Gillan's tenure on the show. Will she stay beyond the end of the season?

The Vampires of Venice
The clip of this episode that they released in advance of the season wasn't promising, but the episode as a whole? Great! The addition of Rory to the TARDIS team turned out to be a brilliant move. The three of them work wonderfully together. The silliest point in the episode was Isabella narrating her own death scene. WTF?

Amy's Choice
Nice to see a bit more of the console room set. If there's one thing the new series has been lacking, it's stories that make are more than a minor use of the TARDIS set. Amy's Choice has two interwoven stories set in the console room and Upper Leadworth, and the Doctor, Amy and Rory must decide which of the two realities is the dream, and which is real. The twist ending and revelation of the Dream Lord's identity will, I'm sure, will tie into later events. Another great story! Also, yes, Amy is choice.

So far the only episode I've been dissatisfied with has been Victory of the Daleks. If this is the shape of the new production team then I, for one, welcome our new overlords.

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Posted May 20, 2010 10:34 PM

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